It's a rare thing, indeed, to hear about offers such as this.

Four young East Texas men are offering help to their fellow East Texans who live in the Tyler, Texas area.

Recently, a young man named Taylor Cannon posted on a local social media group page that he and his three friends simply wanted to help people. Period. For FREE. 

And WHY are they offering such kindness?

Here's what Taylor had to say about why he and his friends, some or all of whom are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, want to help:

It is a crazy world right now and we would love to help any way we can.

Wow. Yeah, we were as surprised as you may be.

So what services can Taylor and his friends offer any Tyler area resident in need?

Moving, cleaning, yard work, small projects, (mostly) anything you could use an extra hand for!

Taylor said he and his friends are ready and able to help as much as they can.

Shout-out to these young men for thinking of their fellow East Texans in a world where some often seem to think primarily of only themselves. How refreshing!

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Our hope is that only those truly in need and without the ability to pay for the services they need will reach out and let these young men contribute their time and willingness to those who truly could use some help.

Taylor Cannon also said those who are in need could reach out to him on his Facebook page.

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