Kleburg County, Texas 2-year-old used his mom's phone to do what so many of us are doing these days--order LOTS of food on Door Dash.

Hey, I thought I ordered too much from Door Dash. But this little one deserves the crown. This adorable toddler got a hold of his mom's phone to order a "bite" to eat. Actually, quite a few bites. He ordered 31 cheeseburgers from McDonald's.

Recently, Kelsey Golden of Ricardo, TX noticed a strange notification on her phone that left her perplexed. KRIS 6 News reports that:

Kelsey Golden read a message from DoorDash saying her order was going to take a little longer than usual because of the size of the order.


She later discovered the reason was because her youngest son, Barrett, placed an order through McDonalds... For a total of 31 cheeseburgers.

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Golden, who was working on her computer at the time, just didn't realize her son, Barrett, had managed to get a hold of her phone and proceeded to do one of the most adorable "toddler things" EVER.

It wasn't unusual for him to have her phone, as according to Golden he likes to take photos of himself. (Don't we all? LOL)

She'd not realized that her phone was UNLOCKED, though, which led to a rather large delivery of cheeseburgers to their home totaling close to $62. (Good thing her little one wasn't craving Prime Rib, right?) 

Little Barrett only ate about half of one of the cheeseburgers, as toddlers are prone to do. And so, Golden posted on a community group social media page inviting neighbors to come by and get a burger...or a few.

I have a feeling they'll be sharing this story for many years to come.

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