Texas weather has been a major topic of discussion on the internet lately. People are making some very creative videos about the crazy rain, scorching heat, and the irregularity of it all. One of my favorite pastimes right now is to scroll through the ‘Texas’ tag on TikTok and check out all of the new hilarious videos Texans are making.

I decided to compile some of my favorites and share them with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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The first trend I have seen are of people showing how hot Texas really gets by frying and egg outside. There is one from Dallas and one from El Paso and they both show just how hot Texas can really be.

Continuing with the theme of Texas heat, we have these two TikToks that perfectly show the struggle of getting into your car after it has been sitting outside in 100+ degree weather. This is the exact reason I will leave a towel in my car so I can put it on my steering wheel or in my seat in order to avoid burning myself.

This one really captures the essence of living in Texas during this past rainy season:

As a lover of cheesy jokes, this one had me laughing for way too long. I get some major nostalgic Vine vibes from it as well. It also perfectly captures the spontaneity of Texas weather. So, last but certainly not least, my current favorite TikTok about Texas weather:

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