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They are there to light the way and most of the time you don't even notice them until they're out. I'm talking about street lights.

They line our streets and highways and hang over the roadway to illuminate the roads and intersections throughout Tyler and East Texas every single night to make driving and walking along the street a bit safer.

Unless you're out after 8 o'clock or so right now, you're probably not noticing them as often thanks to Daylight Saving Time, but when the time changes on Sunday, November 6th and it starts getting darker earlier you're going to be counting on them a little bit more. Your trip home around the loop, down Paluxy, Front St., Gentry will be lit thanks to street lights, that's if they're not burned out.

Growing up, the street lights in my neighborhood had a different meaning to me as a kid.

The street lights in my neighborhood were actually a clock! When the street light came on it meant I better get back on my bike and get home and get home quick because I was supposed to be inside before the street light came on.

So, how do you get a burned-out or inoperable street light replaced or repaired?

I happened to stumble across the site online where you can report a street light that isn't working and in a few steps, it'll notify Oncor. In Tyler, Oncor is responsible for all the streetlights. To report a burned-out street light, simply follow these quick steps:

  • Log on to oncorstreetlight.com
  • Zoom into the street and intersection that has the street light problem
  • Click on it's yellow dot
  • Give the reason for the issue
  • Leave a contact name
  • submit

The whole process is really simple. What's interesting about the extremely interactive map is that it's so specific and shows you exactly where all the street lights and guard lights are in the Oncor service area around Tyler. Once you see all the yellow and blue dots on the map you realize how many street lights are around your neighborhood.

So if you notice a street light that isn't working, you can easily report it and watch that little yellow dot on the map turn red as you report it!

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