East Texas folks are usually excited when we hear of ANY new restaurant coming to our area. Eating is a pretty popular pastime around these parts.

But hey, it's also pretty cool when a well-known, and much-loved restaurant decides to move to a brand new location in town. Well, that's evidently the plan.

Honestly, I'm pretty excited about the new location. I'm interested to see the aesthetic of a brand new Chili's, but with all the fave recipes, of course. And hey shout out to all of the other ETX Chili's locations in Lindale, Longview, Jacksonville, and Marshall. Now I'm dreaming of baby back ribs, southwestern egg rolls, and OMG those Chicken Nachos, though.

I'm not that surprised, actually. As we've been seeing the extraordinary level of growth in Tyler, Texas, particularly moving toward the southern end of town, it makes sense that a well-established restaurant like Chili's Bar & Grill would want to make sure they're properly placed to serve the ever-increasing population of Tyler, especially in such a busy, growing location.

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So where exactly will the new Chili's be located?

Chili's Restaurant is planning to build its second location closer to one of its most fierce competitors: Applebee's.

If you check out Tyler's city building permit site, it says the new location is 6201 South Broadway. That was approved a couple of weeks ago on March 10. That's the old location for a Southside Bank facility.

Ya know what ELSE is coming to Tyler?

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