Freddy Krueger is a horror icon. His burnt face and quad-fecta of claws will make a cameo on ABC's "The Goldbergs" tonight (October 24).

Big D and Bubba got the chance to talk to Robert Englund, the original Freddy in our nightmares, about the show appearance and his time as the slasher villain.

I will say, I learned something, I did not know that Robert Englund auditioned for the role of Han Solo. Just imagine, we go to the theaters to get scared then go to root on the lovable outlaw played by the same guy. As much as I love Freddy Krueger, I'm glad it was Harrison Ford who took on the role.

There also will be no more Nightmare on Elm Street movies starring Englund as the dream snatcher. I mean, he's been doing the character since the 80's. There comes a time when he can't do it anymore.

But to see Robert as Freddy, check out his appearance on the 80's centric comedy, The Goldberg's, on ABC tonight (October 24).

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