Brantley Gilbert is on fire with his latest tune "What Happens In A Small Town". It's also Brantley's first duet. Lindsay Ell is a perfect fit with Brantley on this tune. Check out the video below.

Big D and Bubba gave Brantley Gilbert a quick lesson in 80's toy advertising with the commercial for the "My Buddy" toy.

We got a great visual as Brantley talked about getting a wig and dressing weird to disguise himself in public. The combo of the wig, Batman shirt and shorts is the perfect picture for

Brantley talked starting a bicycle gang when he was a kid. Not motorcycle, bicycle. The initiation was to run a course in a certain amount of time. It was nothing to get into trouble, just to hang out together.

His new album, Fire and Brimstone, is coming out in October and will include "What Happens In A Small Town" with Lindsay Ell and many other great tunes.

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