Several years ago, I got a speeding ticket. Alright, I'll head to the municipal court, take driver's ed and be done with it. As happens, I forgot. I went home for lunch and get a knock on the door. It's the City Marshall. An arrest warrant had been issued because I didn't pay the ticket.

That was an embarrassing call to my boss. Needless to say, I sat at the court in cuffs for a couple hours till I got everything paid.

Moral of the story, pay your tickets on time.

The city of Tyler is offering a chance to avoid that exact scenario. Between now and July 12, if you go to the municipal court and set up a payment plan, the arrest warrant will be waived according to KLTV.

It is a pretty good deal. Start with a $50 down payment then pay $100 a month till it's paid. If you need some extra assistance to get it taken care of, you can meet with a judge and the possibility of community service can be worked out.

Court Administrator Nicole Johnson told KLTV, "It eliminates the cost of us having to send people to jail and also the discomfort of sending people to jail when they have jobs and daily lives they have to care for."

You can go to the Municipal Court at Broadway and Gentry next to the Salvation Army. Or, if you're in the South Tyler area, you can go to the Southside Substation next to Faulkner Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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