East Texas is a wonderful place for a family. That doesn't mean that East Texas is perfect. No where is, actually. So even where strangers will offer a friendly greeting, there will be people who want to do bad things. It could be out of unwarranted hate, mental illness or the person is just plain evil. I can't say why this Tyler, Texas man wanted to do this but be thankful that he is behind bars because of an alert parent.

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Weekend Activities in East Texas

Our weekends are full of all kinds of activities. Those activities could be as simple as just resting from a long work week or needing to run errands with the family. As we do in East Texas, a trip to Walmart may be needed to complete those errands. There have been some stories that have come from various Walmart locations of men acting shady outside of the store or flat out following a person as they traverse the store picking up what they need.

Horror for a Family

For one family, they were followed by a man who decided to pull out his phone and start taking video of their young daughter. Then this man took his phone and sat it on the ground near that child to get video from under her dress.

...reportedly lowered his cell phone, pointing it at a young child wearing a dress then placed his phone on the ground near the child. - Andy Erbaugh, Tyler Police Department Public Information Officer

Somehow this man did not end up in the hospital from taking a beating. His name is Kelvin Shankle. Police were able to arrest him and he is now booked into the Smith County Jail. His charge is invasive visual recording which is a felony with a hefty prison sentence if convicted. He will also be charged with criminal trespass as he had been warned to not return to the Walmart on South Broadway where this incident happened. Its not said if he did this same thing before but it was egregious enough to be told not to return to the store (KLTV).

Not Easy to Tell

This type of story is never easy to report but must be told so you can continue to be aware of your surroundings when out in public. 95 percent of the strangers you cross paths with are honorable and will cause no harm. Its those 5 percent we need to be aware of. Let's also pray that Mr. Shankle can get some help so he doesn't feel the need to do things like this in the future.

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