Like many in Tyler, Texas, we were concerned to learn about another fatal accident that took place on Toll Road 49 this week.

And that has re-upped a question that has been asked by quite a few people that we know, and perhaps people that you know, as to whether or not it is actually safe to drive on Toll 49. What has been your experience? If you'd like to share for the purposes of this question, please let us know at

Recently, KETK's Tori Bean shared a concerning and clarifying report regarding the fatal accident that took place this week. You can access that here. And reading it just caused me to remember my own driving experiences on Toll Road 49.

I personally don't drive as often as I might on Toll Road 49 because of the dangerous conditions caused by some drivers who seem to care little about how their driving could lead to an accident.

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And at best, it just seems like there's a larger percentage of "jerk" drivers on this road who seem to think it's their own personal Autobahn. I wrote more about that here. In fact, just this past Saturday morning I was taking a family member to the airport and, despite my generally chill and happy weekend mood, it didn't take long before there was a driver riding my bumper even though I was going 75 MPH.

Yes, as soon I was able, I veered into the right lane to get out of their way. But as you and I know, there are pretty good stretches of that road that only have one lane. And that's disconcerting enough.

However, when you consider the fact that this week's Toll 49 fatality was, as KETK reports, "at least the fourth fatal wreck KETK News has reported on that toll road in just this year," it's clear that this deserves some attention.

Here's the video report shared by Tori Bean at KETK. Please take a moment to watch and then feel free to share your own experiences and thoughts with me at

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