A couple of weeks ago, you may have run across our story regarding Lindale residents not being AT ALL sad to see this two-in-one business on Main in Lindale was going OUT of business. (It was one of those combo KFC/Long John Silvers.)

It's important to note because most of the time East Texans hate to see anything close the doors for good. But in this case, it clearly seems these places weren't operating the way they should've been. 

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And now, this 3,000 square foot business space on .63 acres is for sale on Loopnet.com. Built in 2007, it has a drive-thru, 30 (dedicated) parking spaces with 130 feet of frontage on S. Main Street in Lindale. It's selling for $795,000. Interested? We'll share the link below for you.

Now that it's for sale, Lindale residents have been sharing their enthusiastic feedback and insights on a Facebook social group about what they would MOST like to see take over this business space. 

While many are already speculating with a wink, wink, nudge, nudge, that it's most likely going to become yet ANOTHER bank (to which most East Texas town residents can certainly relate), it was fascinating to read what the very people who would be supporting whatever new business comes in want to see the most. (Take note would-be entrepreneurs.;))

One contributor on the social site said they'd heard it might be a Daquiri's-To-Go location. Can anyone confirm this?

But now, let's dig into the ten most common responses from Lindale residents on what THEY want to take over this location at 3222 S. Main (including the MOST requested of them all!): 

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Oh by the way if you are interested in buying the location, here's that link I promised ya... 

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