Last night, the Dallas Cowboys got back into the win column as they beat down a severely depleted New Orleans Saints team which continues its spiral downward. It was an ugly win for the Cowboys, who started off slow offensively in the first half before taking completely over in the second half with dominant defensive play as Taysom Hill, the Saints 3rd string QB, was punished throughout the game causing him to throw 4 interceptions.

Just about everyone had the Cowboys winning this game, including myself even though I'm a fan of the losing team. I understand FOOTBALL first I and know that the Saints are suffering from massive injuries at nearly all skill positions and have had to resort to their 2nd and 3rd string quarterback while Dallas has nearly everyone back from their great defense and Dak was about to work with his full assortment of star receivers.

But I still had to talk trash!


If there's one thing I've learned is that Cowboys fans tend to lean towards the "irrational" side when it comes to their team. They have this weird belief that just because you don't root for them and you like YOUR team, you have to be a "hater" of theirs. They look for ANY reason to feel "slighted". I present to you Exhibit A: This video of a fan upset after their Thanksgiving loss to the Raiders.

Armed with this knowledge on how to push their buttons, I got on the air before the game and invited Cowboys fans to call in and talk trash back to me before the game. It was a lot of fun and we had some great laughs.

You can check it some of those calls on The Melz On The MIC Podcast available inside your Kiss app when you tap on the ON DEMAND button.

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