Saturday night, Kilgore police received a noise complaint call from a backyard party. When police arrived, they found a group celebrating a friend's, Karla, 22nd birthday party according to KLTV.

What they also found was a mechanical bull as part of the entertainment of the party. Officer's did ask that the music be turned down to a more decent level. After that, though, is when the party got a bit of unexpected fun.

One of the responders, Officer Besser, decided to give the mechanical bull a try. He hopped on, someone took ahold of the controls and he was off. The ride took about 30 seconds but the party goers handed out many hoops and hollers.

Minus probably three or four negative comments, the comment section for the post on the Kilgore Police Department's Facebook page was positive.

I stand and give huge applause for this. It seems the party goers complied with the officer's request to turn the music down. In return, the officer's showed it's ok to have a good time.

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