Due to recent accidents on Interstate 20 in Kilgore, Kilgore Police are increasing patrols to catch speeding drivers, or anyone who wants to drive reckless through the area according to KLTV.

Officer Jason Romine, who normally patrols the I-20 stretch, said, "I'm looking for people traveling at high rates of speed typically anything that's dangerous that's going to put the public's safety at risk." Romine continued, "...the speed limit is 75. We're seeing speeds upwards of 100 miles an hour."

Officers are also looking closely at Highway 135. The speed limit is 55 miles per hour but "people just aren't paying attention," Romine told KLTV.

Look, I'm as guilty as anybody of wanting to put the petal to the floor, but obey the speed limit. You never know when something could surprise you on the road.

Also, here are some myths about getting a ticket from dmv.org.

  • You can use radar inaccuracy to dismiss a speeding ticket - Myth - You could claim the possibility of a radar device being inaccurate as the reason the traffic ticket should be dismissed, but unless you have evidence to support your claim, most judges won't accept your defense.
  • "Driving with the traffic" will get you out of being being pulled over for speeding - Myth - It doesn’t matter if your in a pack of cars going 90 MPH in a 70 MPH zone, you were speeding and the ticket is valid.
  • If you speed to pass someone, you cannot receive a ticket - Myth - We don't like slow drivers on a two lane road but if you go above the speed limit to pass them, you can get a ticket.
  • The officer didn't have me sign the ticket or there are mistakes on the ticket, it will be dismissed - Myth - Judges will not allow typos to be a defense. Also, signing the ticket means you promise to appear in court by the assigned date. Ticket is still valid, signed or unsigned.

Moral of the story: Be a safe and courteous driver.