Lanco came onto the country music scene in 2017 with a tune called "Greatest Love Story." They followed that up with another great song, "Born To Love You." They are getting ready to release their second album. The guys sat down with Big D and Bubba to talk music and how their lives are now.

After the success of "Greatest Love Story" we learned that they bought a boat. Heck yeah. Great way to celebrate their success but also provides some fun for years to come.

Many artists are not keen on fans recording their performances at concerts. Lanco is totally different. They encourage it. They see it as a great way to promote them. Plus, their fans get to keep a little of the concert experience.

They have a second album coming out soon. The first single from the new album is "Rival."

They are also a part of Brooks & Dunn's Reboot album. They got to record "Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing." And got to hang out with Kix and Ronnie while recording their parts of the album.

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