We are entering the time of year when a majority of weddings will take place. For good reason, the temperature is just right, everything is starting to bloom and the time is just right for a new beginning. For some, getting married once and living a happy life is their path. For others, they may have one or two marriages fail for whatever reason. So if that person divorces, remarries, then does it again, are they reaching a legal limit to the number of times to get married in Texas? We found the answer.

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Laws Around Marriage in Texas

There are some laws in Texas regarding marriage. One law is that you cannot be married to more than one person in Texas, more than person in another state or more than one person in another country. So no Sister Wives or Brother Husbands (or whatever dumb TV show that is on TLC) in Texas. Texas does recognize common law marriage. This is where a couple agrees to be married, lives together as a married couple and tells people they are married. There also is a Declaration of Informal Marriage that must be submitted to the county clerk where they live to be recognized.

Legal Age to Be Married

You must be at least 18 years of age or older to marry in Texas. However, there is a court order that can remove “the disabilities of minority of the party for general purposes” that could allow for someone to marry another person under the age of 18 (thelarsonlawoffice.com).

Limit to Number of Marriages in Texas

Is there a limit to the number of times you can get married in Texas? That answer is NO. You can get married as many times as you want in Texas. I wouldn't suggest that but if it floats your boat, go right ahead.

Contact a Family Law Attorney

Of course, I am not a legal expert, so contact a family law attorney to assist if you have questions regarding marriages in Texas.

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