School will be a lot different this year as students return to class, physical or virtual, in East Texas. No matter which you decide, school zones will be in effect and school buses will be picking children up. It has been a longer break than usual because of COVID-19 so our knowledge of school zone and school bus laws probably needs a good refresher.

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We get it, it can be frustrating to get stuck behind a school bus when we're running late for work. But remember, those buses are transporting children. There will be children waiting by the road to get on. Be safe and smart when driving by a school bus.

The Pflugerville Police Department posted this great infographic about how to properly pass a school bus.

The National Safety Council also gives us a list of precautions when around a school bus. It is of note that if you are caught passing a school bus illegally, you will face some serious fines and, most importantly, you could put the children getting on or off the bus in danger.

School zones will start flashing, as well. Slow down to the posted speed limit when the lights are flashing and it is illegal to be on your phone, talking (unless in hands free mode) or texting (which is never okay to do behind the wheel), while in an activated school zone. Traffic fines also increase in a school zone or your license could be suspended depending on the infraction.

In other words, slow down and pay attention as the kids head back to school. The following video from 2013 gives some good advice on school bus safety.

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