The world we're living in is awful. No one wants to get along. No one wants to find a solution. No one wants to consider what's best for the greater good but what's better for themselves. Everyone just wants to fight or disagree or manufacture a problem just to try to prove they are right. I. AM. SICK. OF. IT. AND. YOU. NEED. TO. STOP.

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News is not news anymore. It's nothing more than a bunch of talking heads telling us what has happened in the world than throwing some kind of agenda behind it. Your precious Fox News does it. Your precious CNN does it. They all do it. It's not reporting or journalism, it's a joke.

Social media has lost it's meaning. It was supposed to be a tool for us to connect with each other, share funny life moments and/or annoy people with our food pics. Instead it's become the ultimate platform of untruths and keyboard bickering.

And here's the thing, my feelings of above are most likely of the majority. The minority of those spewing their nonsense is just that, the minority. But yet, it's louder than the majority, probably because most are too busy rolling their eyes.

Here's my solution - Take a look at what's going on around us and actually look at things with our own eyes and not use the screaming TV or social media scrollings to influence our thoughts. It's so easy to believe a meme. It's so easy to hear a celebrity say something and out right believe it. It's so easy to not believe the truth and pass on a ridiculous conspiracy theory.

None of it is real and it's making our situation so much worse.

NO ONE WANTS TO PUT A CHIP IN US. Our smart phones are already fulfilling that job.

COVID-19 is real and there is no way that the smartest of smart doctors and scientists can have a complete answer in four months time (at the time of this writing). So there is NO WAY that you with all your factoid pictures and snake oil salesman pitches could know what's real or not about COVID-19. There's not.

We're short on change because no one has been able to work at the U.S. mint because of the virus. It's not a precursor to a cashless society that can track everything you do. That's what our smart phones are for.

Face masks have never been presented as an absolute defender of COVID-19. No One Has Said That. But if everyone does wear them, the chance of passing the virus on to someone else goes way down. It won't happen overnight, it won't. It's never been said that it will. We must have patience and think of of someone other than ourselves.

We've turned into such a selfish society. We've turned into a society that has no self discipline. Everything is someone else's fault instead of asking ourselves what we could have done to prevent it. Our embarrassment of a government, talking to both Republicans and Democrats, certainly won't have the answer for us.

It's time to turn off the news. It's time to make social media positive and fun again. Until then, just look for me on the couch watching My Hero Academia.

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