Somebody's mom and dad is going to mad with their son for abusing the truck they bought him. Someone, or someones, thought it would be fun to go "off roading" on a flat grass field instead of, I don't know, a real off road area with hills and dips and trenches to crawl out of. This truck may be easy to spot, too, as it will probably have a twelve inch lift, shiny rims and multi colored LEDs under each fender.

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Lindale police need your help in identifying who did damage to the grounds of Pool Park in Lindale. The area looks to be along Perryman Road before getting to the play area. To be honest, while these ruts did cause damage that make the areas unusable, they're really not that impressive. This area is open field but is used by various groups to practice their sport or for outdoor hobbyists.

Pool Park has been a staple of Lindale for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I attended many family reunions in the Kinzie Community Center or watched my friends play baseball on the fields behind the center. I've had friend gatherings at the covered picnic table area and enjoyed some time on the playground with my niece and nephew.

There are a couple of residences across the street so hopefully they saw or heard something. Lindale police do ask if you have any information as to who caused this damage to call them at 903-882-3313.

I'm glad someone is impressed with their work but they probably freaked out when that dirt got kicked up on those pretty wheels.

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