I saw a post recently about baby formula being one of the most stolen items which was shocking. In fact, according to a New York Times report, some $4.3 billion worth of baby formula was stolen in the United States in 2017. While there are reports that it's stolen to mix with drugs or for resale on the black market, it is believed that a disproportionate amount of it is stolen out of necessity -- by parents just trying to feed their kids -- and that's sad.

These dudes stealing jewelry from a locally-owned East Texas business on the other hand is just downright wrong.

Cassie Kneifl who owns The Jewelry ER in Longview, alongside her husband, turned to social media this week after her store was robbed.

We had a break in Monday January 3rd at 4:13 a.m.," she wrote on Facebook. "We are working with Longview PD and we do have security video, however I’m not posting this just yet. I will say it was 2 Caucasian males, one around 40 years of age and the other around mid 20s."

In the post she goes on to say that she is offering a reward for "any successful tip that helps lead to the arrest of these men." Kneifl also points out that they are a local family-owned store and that this coupled with the pandemic and accompanying shut downs the past year make it even tougher.

The Jewelry ER is the first of its kind to reach the Longview market, offering fast repairs on watches and jewelry, along with an extensive jewelry inventory.

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