Especially post-COVID, anybody else long for the carefree days of going to the mall with friends, just to hang out? It's one of the many things that makes "Mallrats" a quintessential '90s movie. It's also the film that gave us the "stink palm." Well, some good news Longview, TX, not only is our mall alive it's adding more businesses.

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The Longview Mall General Manager Kelly Overby tells CBS 19 that she thinks the "Longview Mall is definitely alive" and evolving. In fact if you haven't been by the Longview Mall in the past week, they just opened up two new restaurants.

"We have one that's called Eats or Treats, it's a local family that's opened a new restaurant here in town," she said. "We have one called Bubbly and they have different types of teas and Filipino food."

According to the Longview News Journal "Eats or Treats" features "sandwiches such as The Rodeo, with barbecue brisket and mac and cheese on a soft roll; the Italian Stallion with salami, turkey, pepperoni and ham with olive oil and provolone cheese; or a Philly cheesesteak sandwich."

And as far as Treats part of their name goes, this concoction they call The Dirty Pig, made of bacon dipped in white or milk chocolate with your choice of toppings, sounds divine.

So, remember this holiday season while it may be convenient to do some of your shopping online, there's really nothing like the feeling that comes with shopping in-store for that perfect gift and stopping by the food court afterward for an Orange Julius... or a Dirty Pig.

Learn more about the "stink palm" at your own risk:

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