It's amazing the way some people choose to waste their free time. And honestly, I include myself in that, as well. We almost all find ourselves spending time doing ridiculous things. At the same time, I'd like to think most of us would never choose to terrify people for no good reason at all.

Recently, an East Texan who asked to remain anonymous shared a video capturing two men in a black truck who decided to drive through the Best Buy parking lot in Longview, Texas and point their 'gun' at people.

Granted the orange 'gun' wasn't real. At the same time, can you imagine how you'd feel if someone was pointing it at you?

Tensions have been a bit high over the last few years and many East Texans are a bit on edge--particularly when we've heard about so much gun violence.

More insight was gleaned thanks to the ongoing conversation taking place in the comments below the posted video and via our conversation with the one who posted the video.

According to those commenting, thanks to this video which clearly shows the black truck with the glowing purple wheels, someone was able to identify the driver and possibly the passenger. The Longview Police have been called, although some inquired whether or not pointing a fake gun threateningly at people was even illegal. Apparently so.

And not only is this frightening to those at whom the 'gun' was pointed, but it could also lead to a real tragedy.

Look guys, this is East Texas. Don't drive around pointing guns at people--not even fake ones--if you don't want to encounter someone who is ready to pull a REAL gun on you.

Here's the quick video, if you want to take a look:

Not a wise move, guys. 

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