Being at any job for 32 years is a huge accomplishment. Now adding in the fact that those 32 years were in law enforcement and serving the community, that makes it even more impressive. The details were shared earlier this week on the Longview, Texas Police Department Facebook page as Police Chief Mike Bishop is putting the handcuffs away and is set to retire.

According to the City of Longview website, Chief Bishop first joined the Longview Police Department back in July of 1989 beginning his time as a patrol officer. Throughout his career he has done it all including detective, patrol sergeant, crisis intervention negotiator, and working numerous other positions. Plain and simple he was always willing to do whatever was needed for his family in law enforcement as well as looking out for the community he called home.

Chief Bishop Will be Teaching at TJC After Retiring From the Longview PD

Many people in Longview will miss seeing the Chief after being in that role for over 6 years now. But he won't be a stranger in East Texas as he will be working as a Professor and Coordinator of the Public Administration Program in the Department of Legal and Public Service Careers at Tyler Junior College. Chief Bishop has been teaching classes for the past eleven years.

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No Word on Who Will be the Next Chief of Police in Longview, Texas

The next Chief of Police in Longview will need to be recommended by the City Manager then will need approval by the City Council. There is no word on who that person might be or when they might take over the position.

Chief Bishop, THANK YOU! Just know that citizens across East Texas specifically in Longview truly appreciate everything you have done over the past 32 years of service. Enjoy your retirement!

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