Earlier this morning I was working on a list of the 5 most liked TikTok videos for Tyler, Texas but quickly realized it would be rude to leave Longview, Texas out. So, for all my friends in Longview here is your list of the 5 most popular TikTok videos that all use the hashtag #LongviewTX. I'm all about showing love to both Tyler and Longview, it's important to support all of East Texas.

I did find it interesting that my friends at Pop Watch didn't make the Top 5 list, but that's okay, they do just fine for themselves on so many other social media platforms. They are still building their numbers on TikTok. The most popular video has more than 137k and makes mention of donuts and has to do with showing up late to work, I wouldn't be shocked if you have seen that specific video before. But even the 5th place video has over 55,600 likes so every video on this list has done very well getting likes on TikTok.

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There is Only One Thing All of These Videos Have in Common

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Even if You're Not on TikTok It's Still Fun to See What Local Videos Are Gaining Attention

More and more people are finding new social media platforms to explore and TikTok is definitely one of the most popular so lets take a look at the 5 most popular with the #Longviewtx.

5. 55.6k LIKES

@qualitytires #qualitytires #fyp #tireshoplife #llantero #tireshoplife #longviewtx #tireexplosion #tirestrech ♬ sonido original - ovidiocheguen

4. 56.5k LIKES

@yulialba10 so who is my Messi???#soccer#fy#longviewtx ♬ best buddies x traitor - ejaeja

3. 104.6k LIKES

@dionnelaw Gonna meet my kinfolk.#southern #laugh #funny #longviewtx ♬ original sound - dionnelaw

2. 124.2k LIKES

@longviewpaws CHUNKY SOUP is still a little shy, but she promises if you choose her she’ll be the best puppy she can be! Located in Longview, TX. Interested in adopting? Check out our bio for more info! #puppy #puppylove #puppiesoftiktok ♬ original sound - Mr.getleft

1. 137.5k LIKES

@sweet_tea._ Hold on you got donuts @sstuvetexas ? #funny #salesmeeting #28XTREMES #PrimeDayShowPJParty #foryoupage #fyp #tx #longview ♬ original sound - Sweet Tea

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