With so many restaurants going through the revolving door in Tyler, it's almost too difficult to keep up. There have been at least two occasions in the last month where I wanted to go somewhere and eat, only to find a "Sorry, we are no longer business" sign out front. KLTV did a great piece called Why all the restaurant closures in Tyler?

In the article it states that while there are so many restaurants within close proximity in Tyler, our city is considered 'one of the strongest restaurant markets in the state'. So that would explain why so many new spots continue to pop up. For more, check out KLTV.

In the meantime, I checked out 1836 Texas Kitchen with my dad who is visiting, which opened in March of 2017. The food was very, very good (as we'd expect from a restaurant with ties to Villa Montez), but I'm going to focus on one item here. the Crawfish Queso.

I pay some attention to what I put in my body, but when I hear, smell or see some queso that I haven't tried before, all bets are off.

I've never tried queso with spicy crawfish and our server recommended it. I took a look around and noticed pretty much every table had the same starter, so yeah we went for it - my dad ate most of it while I was busy taking pictures...

We asked if they could make it extra spicy and they put a little of their 'secret hot sauce' into the dish, telling us to be careful. I'm not allowed to say what's in the special hot sauce made by one of the chefs at 1836, but I will say it's very spicy, but it's also very tasty.

So if you're tired of the same old queso, this one has some kick and is now my new favorite queso in Tyler.

Sorry Torchy's, I still love you with all my heart - I'm just not a one-queso man.

Our entrees were amazing too, but I wanted to focus on the queso. Oh, by the way, did you know that I like queso?

I ordered the Carne Asada w/ Queso 

Jason Eisenberg | TSM

My dad got the Chile Verde.

Jason Eisenberg | TSM

For a fun date night, check out 1836 Texas Kitchen on 2647 Crow Road in Tyler, right off of Old Jacksonville Rd.