There is nothing better than a gigantic portion of macaroni and cheese, it’s known as a comfort food for good reason. When you’re digging into the noodles absolutely covered in cheese it just feels like you’re getting a big hug. Most of us grew up on macaroni and cheese out of the box but there are restaurants including here in East Texas that have really made macaroni and cheese more gourmet. 

Just a few days ago on a Tyler, Texas Facebook group I saw one man asking people where to get gourmet mac and cheese in Tyler specifically and I was a bit shocked when I saw a total of 75 comments and many of those being recommendations on where to go. It was also eye opening to see so many restaurants in our area that serve macaroni and cheese and I had no idea it was on their menu. 

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Macaroni and Cheese is Different for Everyone 

While macaroni and cheese might seem like a simple question it can get complicated quickly because there are so many things you can do to it. Breadcrumbs on top of macaroni and cheese is very popular but there are some places that are stepping it up by adding jalapenos or brisket to their macaroni and cheese. Which can be so yummy, when done correctly. 

Make This Your Macaroni and Cheese Bucket List 

I’m sure there are other locations around East Texas with some amazing macaroni and cheese, so get started on this list of 13 restaurants and be sure to visit the comment section if other restaurants need to be added to this list. 

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