Sometimes you just need to get out of town, but you don’t really have the time or the budget to go that far away.

I love what TikTok Creator, MyCurlyAdventures, shares from her day trip to Palestine, TX. It’s only a short drive, maybe an hour or so to get there, very doable for a day trip with a significant other or friends.

She shows how she rode on the historic Texas State Railroad and enjoyed pie at the Oxbow Bakery, and even visited the oldest operating bakery in Texas Eilenberger's. They enjoyed a picnic by the lake, explored Goat Yoga, hiked to a waterfall and enjoyed a fairytale garden.

Did you know Palestine had so many magical experiences to offer? I sure didn’t. Let’s start with the train ride.

The Texas State Railroad offers amazing views of the Piney Woods of East Texas from the viewpoint of a historic train. You’re invited to, ‘breathe deep, enjoy a drink and relax as you lose yourself on a round-trip, four-hour, 25-mile rail journey through the Piney Woods of East Texas where history is just part of the journey.’

The Railroad was constructed in 1881 by prisoners from the East Texas Penitentiary. They constructed 1.3 miles of track. In 1909, the final railroad ties were laid, connecting Rusk with Palestine. A journey on the train allows you to relax in historic cars that have been refurbished, and includes access to a concession car. Some tickets allow you to host parties in private cars with complimentary champagne. You have an hour to explore an adjacent park while Rusk, before returning to the Palestine Depot.

Now, on to the baked goods. She stopped at two different bakeries. The first is famous for its pies. Enjoy by the slice, or a whole pie while stepping back in time. The bakery is located in Old Town Palestine in a building built in the 1900’s. She also visited the oldest operating baker in Texas. Eilenberger's has been baking since 1898. You’ll be able to enjoy cookies, cakes and confections in this historic bakery, or ship them nationwide.

They enjoyed the fresh air of the Piney Woods as well by taking a picnic to Lake Palestine, hiking to a waterfall at Wolf Creek Lake, and attempting goat yoga. They also experienced the magic of fairy gardens, beautiful miniature fairytale cottages set in nature, at the Davey Dogwood Park.

Honestly, it seems like this should be a weekend long trip to me. What about you? Could you fit  all of these wonderful experiences into one day? I’d stretch them into two and stay in the nearby Villages resort where you can enjoy an indoor waterpark and views of the lake.

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