Jobs are a hot topic right now. Whether it's in food service or retail or office work or really just about anything right now, businesses are hiring. Sometimes a job opportunity pops up that is not only unique but also would make many to feel proud to be an American. That job would be making ammunition. One Texas owned company has begun the process of building a new facility in East Texas and is holding a job fair this weekend.

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If making ammunition sounds like a fun job for you then Expansion Ammunition could be the name on your next paycheck. Expansion Ammunition is based in Carrollton, just Northwest of Dallas. They are investing around $100 million in a new plant in Hooks, which is just West of Texarkana.

The plant is looking to be complete by 2023 but the company wants to hire now. They are looking for several positions to fill including:

  • Maintenance
  • Machinists
  • Press Operator
  • Chemists
  • Line Workers
  • Material Handling
  • Administration
  • Engineers

There will be a job fair coming up this Saturday, January 29, at the TexAmericas Center at 523 Titus Rd in Hooks from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Benefits are pretty good, too, including:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision

There are also "work perks" that full time employees can take advantage of including:

  • Breakfast and Lunch Each Workday
  • Flexible Time-Off
  • Auto Loan Assistance
  • Home Loan Assistance
  • Free Membership to Planet Fitness
  • Free Weekly Car Wash
  • Dave Ramsey Financial University

There are future plans to offer employee discounts for the products they manufacture.

If this is something that interests you, join their job fair this Saturday or submit your resume to If you want to find out more about Expansion Ammunition, just visit their website at Their simple description of what their company is about will make most very proud and would make you want to work for this Texas company.

Expansion Ammunition started like most great American companies, in a garage. At Expansion we deeply care about the second amendment. Our company was created in the middle of the 2010s ammunition shortages because we believe that every American has the right to keep and bear arms. As Americans, in order for all of us to exercise our rights, we need high quality ammunition we can train, practice, and defend ourselves with. That's why we say "It's About Freedom" because though we love the hunter culture, shooting sports, and target shooting, getting ammunition to you has always been about the 2nd Amendment, and your right to Liberty. We pair old school principles, with state of the art manufacturing, to give you a quality product unmatched in the firearms industry. You can count on our relational service when you need it the most. We do what we do because "It's About Freedom!"

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