No matter what kind of awful things are going on in the world, stories like this one can always be found.

When Michael Patterson saw a young toddler struggling to stay above water he didn't think twice about what he was going to do. Without hesitation he dove in to save her. What Michael didn't think about, was how it would effect him. Attempting to save that little girl sent his life into a complete 180.

Once the little girl was brought to safety, witnesses noticed Michael just floating on the water. When he dove in to save her, he had hit his head on a very rocky and shallow area and had broken his neck. He was rushed to the hospital and is still in the intensive care unit, but is paralyzed from the chest down. All of these life changing injuries all because he wanted to save a little girl.

Patterson's mother has since come forward and given a little more information about her son. He is a construction worker, doesn't have health insurance, and has a knack for putting other people before himself. She said just the week before he had helped pull a man from a burning tanker truck. Patterson has a very long and hard road ahead of him, but we sure do wish there were more people like him in the world.

Friends of Patterson have set up a fund at a local bank. Supporters also created a Facebook page with updates about Patterson's condition.

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