Earlier on Monday morning, Police in Tyler, Texas shared a post regarding a man who has been missing since September of 2022.

The City of Tyler Police Department shared a post this morning on their Facebook regarding a man who has been reported missing since September of this year. Tyler Police received word from the missing man's mother that she's not heard from her son since the end of September.

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The missing man's name is Edward Forrest Roddy of Tyler, Texas.

The missing man's name is Edward Forrest Roddy. He is a 51-year-old black man who Tyler Police say is approximately 5’11 and 150 lbs. The man is also described as bald with a "greying goatee." He is said to have a neck tattoo that reads "Shaneka."

Both of the man's ears are pierced and they say he has a scar from surgery located on his body near his left armpit. He is also known to go by the nickname "Punkin."

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Mr. Roddy as they wait to hear where he might be.

Meanwhile, as we find ourselves just a few days away from celebrating Thanksgiving with family and/or friends, all of us here are hoping for good news for the family and for this mother who is wondering where her son might be right now.

If you know this man, or have seen him, and have any info regarding his welfare and where he might be at this time, the Tyler Police Department asks that you contact them at 903-531-1000. #TylerPD

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