When was the last time you've been to Montgomery, TX, and howled with a wolf?

I have never been to Montgomery, in fact, I had to Google how far away it is from East Texas. (It's about three hours away, FYI.)

I was perusing through the Airbnb Animal Experiences section and discovered there is a place not too far from Galveston that lets you pal around with the canis lupis, aka howl with a wolf in my opinion.


This experience is from the Texas Wolfdog Project, a nonprofit that rescues wolves. (wolfdogs) and other specific dog breeds from all over the state. There are certain age limits for this experience, so you might want to call them first if you plan on bringing anyone under the age of 18.

If the wolfdogs are in a good mood, you will be able to cuddle, pet, perhaps even take selfies with them, and even HOWL with them during your tour! Amazing!

Not only can

There are just a few suggestions I will throw out there that you need to know before you go sign up: no wearing any clothes filled with down, feathers, or fur. I know of another wolf interactive Airbnb experience and they had these warnings for tourists, so I would think the same could apply in this case. The wolves don't play that, just like Homey D. Clown. They also suggested that you wear closed-toed shoes if you go, so don't plan on wearing your Birkenstock sandals or Crocs on this Airbnb animal experience (cowboy boots might be okay, though). Leave the jewelry and your own personal pets at home, the wolfdogs don't play that either.

This Airbnb experience will run you about $30 a person and they even give you drinks (non-alcoholic, I would imagine). Get more info here.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go watch the movie, Twilight: New Moon. I'm #TeamJacob.



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