After last year's quarantine and the general mayhem of everyday life for so many of us as of late, I confess I'd let my "self-care" fall by the wayside. Perhaps you can relate.

Look, in the past I've had quite a few facials. And I've enjoyed many of them. However, when Kathy at Mont-Ro Skin Care in Tyler bestowed upon me the signature Mont-Ro facial, it was a game-changer. She's clearly a skin-care expert and you can tell.


Honestly, if you meet her you can also tell simply by looking at HER skin--which is gorgeous. I can’t begin to tell you every skin nourishing thing she did, but I do know that afterward I felt and looked more radiant.

And the best part? The more regularly you care for your skin, you are training your skin to naturally function better. Beautiful skin is HEALTHY skin.

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I think so often women (and of course, men) think of things like facials as a luxury. Ya know--like it's something we go and do when we just want someone to help us relax. And it definitely has that effect, and I don't want to diminish the joy of that. Yes, it feels AMAZING. Like, one of the best things ever.

At the same time, taking care of your skin isn't just a luxury. It's a type of therapy. It's easy to forget that our skin is an organ that needs to be cared for on a regular basis if want it to improve.

On top of that, our face is one of the primary ways we present ourselves to the world. And when you care for your skin, it shows. You feel different. More confident. And that affects your entire every day life in potentially HUGE ways. 


I get now why Mont-Ro Skin Care clients tend to stay for decades. Kathy knows her stuff. 

If you're ready to rejuvenate and replenish as we go into a new season (or you know someone in your life who would LOVE this, I can't recommend Mont-Ro Skin Care more highly. What a pro. If you go, tell her I said hello, would ya?

They also offer other services like mircro-needling, dermaplaning, lash lifts, lash and brow tinting... Browse their services at

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