We can't be a good disc jockey if we can't make fun of ourselves or tell our embarrassing stories. This would be a story of me doing both. Way back the late 2000's, I was arrested for a dumb and completely avoidable reason. This arrest lead to me having my mugshot available for all to see. Here's what happened.

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A Time When We Wrote Checks

There was a time when we would carry around a checkbook. This was a "book" that contained slips of paper where you would write out what was basically a promise to pay to a business for the goods that they provide. The thing about these checks is that it would take anywhere from three to five days for the bank to receive the check then send the payment to the business.

In that three to five day time span, you knew that your paycheck, or some other money, would be coming into your account. So you would write the check anyway knowing that there was time for the funds to show up so that check could be paid. This was called floating a check.

A Situation That Could Have Been Avoided

This is where is the embarrassing, dumb and completely avoidable situation that had me sitting down for a mugshot comes into play. I was picking up some groceries at Brookshire's and needed to "float a check." Problem was, I was a little too far out from payday to properly cover that check. That lead to Brookshire's getting a "bounced" check. "Bounced" meaning the check was received by the bank, I didn't have the funds in my account to cover it, the bank tells Brookshire's that the check can't be paid.

In the event of this happening, Brookshire's would send me a letter saying that I needed to come to the store to pay for the bounced check, plus a fee, and all would be forgiven. I got this letter and had all intentions of going by and paying it. Problem was, my absent minded self completely forgot about it and never stopped by to take care of it.

Because of that, Brookshire's turned it over to the police. From there, I received a letter saying that I needed to appear in court to face the charges brought before me. I was charged with Theft by Check Less Than $500. I went before Judge Jack Skeen and pleaded guilty. From there, I was taken to the Smith County Jail where I had to be processed. My fingerprints were taken along with my mugshot.

My Mugshot From 2008


First of all, I look like I've smoked eight pounds of pot. Second, why do I have this expression on my face like I'm some bad ass criminal? There is nothing bad ass about my stupid pullover, way overdue haircut and awful 5 o'clock shadow. Holy crap is this bad. Feel free to email your jokes to me or send them to me through the station app. I will gladly laugh at them.

I was given six months probation, 100 hours of community service and ordered to pay restitution, court fees and other penalties. There you go, you hear me every day and on the weekends and now have the above picture of my face to have in your head when hearing my voice. Just add about 100 pounds and 14 years to that picture.

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