Residents of Longview and Tyler, Texas--and all around ETX--are looking for some great deals on food since Tuesday, October 4 is National Taco Day!

Let's just be honest with ourselves for a minute. Here in East Texas, EVERY day is national taco day. BUT, since they've made an official day to celebrate all of the delightful taco eating in which we like to engage AND there are great deals on tacos to be enjoyed, let's delve in a little deeper, shall we?

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OH tacos, how we love thee. There are crispy shell tacos, modern tacos, street tacos, authentic Mexican tacos, cheap fried tacos, and homemade tacos...the options are never-ending. And for many of us in East Texas, we like ALL of them. I know I don't just speak for myself when I say I am an equal-opportunity taco eater/devourer.

When I have a bad day, ya know what I want? YES, tacos. I want to rage-eat tacos. When I have an amazing day, ya know what I want? YEP. More tacos.

Can you relate?

OK, back on task: What are some of the deals on offer here in East Texas as we celebrate National Taco Day 2022? Let's take a look.


Chuy's Tex Mex is going all out for National Taco Day 2022. 

On their website, Chuy's announced a couple of great deals you can take advantage of for National Taco Day. First of all, they'll be offering "add-on ground beef tacos to your meal for just $1. Additionally, the chain will be offering $1 tequila floaters to top off margaritas or as a simple shot," according to a report from NBCDFW.

Fuzzy's Taco Shop
Rusty Taco

On top of that, if you are a member of their rewards program, they're offering a free Uptown Taco with any purchase.

That Uptown Taco kinda reminds us of the Trailer Park taco at Torchy's Taco! I did call to find out what special offers THEY have on October 4, and they said you can get $2 off any drink, and draft and bottle beers will be on offer for only $1.50. No taco-specific specials, though.

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Where is your favorite place in East Texas to enjoy tacos? Let us know:

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