A new program has been put in place for City of Tyler, Texas employees that will allow them to bring their babies to work.

And from what we can see so far, it seems to be working out very well!

We love seeing the City of Tyler take this practical step in an effort to support the families they employ. A City of Tyler spokesperson told KLTV that:

“The program seeks to improve work-life integration for City of Tyler employees by providing a positive work environment that recognizes a parent and/or caregiver’s responsibility to both their job and their newborn.”

Most of the time, we hear about new Moms (and in some cases, new Dads) having the option to take maternity or paternity leave which last weeks.

However, this new program that the City of Tyler has put in place gives parents the choice to bring their babies to work up until they are six months old.

One of the employees who has opted to take advantage of this new program is "Utilities Director Kate Dietz and her daughter Livia. Dietz said she likely wouldn’t have returned to work as early if the program wasn’t offered," reports KLTV.

And according to the report, the presence of little Livia has been a morale booster.

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So when Dietz is busy with meetings or other work that require her full attention, how do they make that work with a little one in the office?

Dietz has two other employees that help her during these times by volunteering to assist as needed. Dietz told KLTV:

“They help out when I’m having a meeting that maybe she’s not enjoying so much and needs to leave, or if I’m presenting to council or something like that. I have two people that I work with here that volunteered that wanted to help me out.”

Talk about teamwork! And speaking personally, I can't help but think it would add a whole other layer of happiness to have a baby in the office during the workday. And after so many of us spent time working from home during the pandemic quarantine, more of us are accustomed to the idea of working right alongside "real life" situations such as having infants nearby.

And one of the best parts? The babies are even given a "retirement ceremony" during a City of Tyler council meeting to celebrate their "completion of the program."

How utterly delightful. You can read more here.

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