I know I've made about a hundred or so orders through the Whataburger app. With those purchases, I was able to earn a free taquito, free order of onion rings, a free drink or something else. I liked that reward system but it did seem kinda limited as far what was available. A new change to that reward system offers the possibility for Tyler or Longview, Texas, or East Texas Whataburger fans in general, the opportunity to get just about any menu item for free.

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What's your go to Whataburger order?

My go to Whataburger order depends on when I'm ordering. For breakfast I either go with the sausage, egg and cheese biscuit (Whataburger, please bring back the Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuit) or the Breakfast Bowl. For dinner I usually go with a Whataburger with cheese and bacon and onion rings with an order of Jalapeno Ranch to dip them in (try it, you'll thank me later). Those orders through the Whataburger app always added a visit so I could get something for free.

The Options Were Limited

The only thing I didn't like with that rewards system was that the rewards were limited. It was only a select few items with most being something I don't normally order. I would cash them, though, when ordering for my girlfriend and her daughter because they liked a couple of those items. I did like having onion rings as a reward option which I would cash in for myself on occasion.

New Rewards System

I noticed some chatter on a Whataburger Facebook group about a change to the rewards system. Some had mentioned that Whataburger announced it a while back. I must have missed that because I didn't know there would be a change. I opened my Whataburger app this morning to check out the changes and I like it.

Instead of "visits" you earn points. You build up those points to select menu items from different point tiers. For instance, 200-399 points will allow you to select a chocolate chip cookie, hot apple pie, medium drink, a plain biscuit or other smaller items. If you have 1,200 or more points, you can select any burger or sandwich on the menu including a double or triple Whataburger.

I Like the New System

I like the new reward system. I like that you can order basically anything on the menu as long as you have enough points for it. I had several visits built up and it looks like those visits were converted over to points. I can't see how many points you earn per order, though. I guess I'll just have to order something for lunch to see.

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