A.J. Clemente's first day at his new job couldn't have gone any worse. The new weekend news anchor for KFYR, the NBC affiliate in Bismarck, North Dakota, managed to kick off his on-air career with a live mic gaffe consisting of two of the seven dirty words which George Carlin famously explained you can never say on television.

"F*ckin sh*t," Clemente said, before his stunned co-anchor had the chance to give him his proper introduction.

Then, a little more than four hours later, Clemente tweeted his reaction to his now famous meltdown.

However, the viral nature of Clemente's terrible, horrible first day might work to his advantage. The KFYR Facebook page is now filled with messages asking that Clemente be given another chance. And another Facebook page, called "Reinstate A.J Clemente" has popped up.

What do you think? Should Clemente get his job back? Or should his epic first day fail be the end of his newscaster career?

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