Horror stories don't always have to be about ghosts and goblins. Sometimes those nightmarish stories come from everyday life caused by a careless individual. In this case, a woman was given a very bad dental procedure that basically destroyed her teeth. Luckily, this horrible story has a happy ending.

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Her name is Brittany Negler and she went to her local dentist to have an extraction done. In her TikTok videos, she describes having two teeth were pulled that left her with some serious injuries to her mouth and jaw. The injuries were so bad that she needed to have full implants put in. This did not help her at all as the implants looked very unnatural and did not fit properly.

That's where Dr. Kenny Wilstead of Smile Again Dental in Garland stepped in to help. Brittany flew to Garland to meet with Dr. Wilstead to finally get her teeth back in order. Brittany did admit that her problems initially started by her own fault after her brother passed with cancer.

Brittany described what was given to her as implants and how they did not fit properly. The implants would go so far back into her mouth that it would make her gag. She also hasn't been able to eat because of the pain from those implants which caused her to lose too much weight.

Dr. Wilstead got her set up to have some proper implants done so she wouldn't have any further pain, be able to eat normally and be able to smile confidently again. Watch Brittany's full story in her TikTok videos below. Spoiler alert, have some tissues handy when she sees the finished work.

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