If you hadn't heard about this place just yet, I hadn't either, but that's about to change for both of us. Guys, there's a brand new wine bar in Tyler, TX, that I keep hearing so many great things about.

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And the wildest thing, I've never even asked a single person about it. People just over here ravin' cause it's what they are feeling in their hearts.

Odd Fellows Wine Bar in Tyler just opened this month ago, so it's "new" in every sense of the word, but it seems that if you've been looking for a nice grownup place to drink wine and relax with friends -- the consensus is that this is the hot new place to do it.

Y’all need to come here and have a wonderful glass of wine!! Odd Fellows Wine Bar is AMAZING!! They have AMAZING workers, AMAZING wine tasting and a wonderful amount of food on their Charcuterie board!! Y’all come and support this wonderful business! - Marita Lengel

On top of all the online excitement, I've had three friends tell me they're already big fans of the place. In fact one old college buddy of mine messaged me his review of it, that's how impressed he was by them

My pal, and well regarded foodie, Steve Smith, gave Odd Fellows a 9.3 rating, that's just the fourth time he's given an establishment that a 9+ score.

So, no, I haven't had time to stop by just yet, but that's going to change asap. My wife loves wine and Charcuterie boards, maybe we'll see you there. You can find Odd Fellows in downtown Tyler at 220A W. Erwin St.

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