Whataburger is a Texas icon with a Top 5 burger always available to sink your teeth into. Having said that, eating a hamburger all the time would not be the healthiest option for any East Texan. So no, a hamburger cannot be healthy. But what if I told you that Whataburger came in at the top of a list for being the healthiest hamburger of any chain the country? They did but that doesn't mean that their hamburger is necessarily good for you.

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My Perfect Whataburger

What do you have to have on your Whataburger to make it the best burger for you? For me, I have to have all the vegetables with cheese and bacon. No, its not good for me or for my blood sugar, but man, it sure is tasty. I will order their spicy chicken sandwich on occasion. That one I get with no mayonnaise but with a side of Jalapeno Ranch to spread on the bun. That really kicks up the heat and flavor. So good.

But most of the time, a simple Whataburger with cheese will satisfy my craving. Add a side of onion rings with Jalapeno Ranch to dip them in (try it sometime, you'll thank me) and I've got the perfect meal. But again, none of that is anywhere close to healthy for me or anyone.

Finding the Healthiest Burger

Having said that, one website sat out to find the "healthiest" hamburger of any of the chains in the country. For their study, gambling.com (I would link to the source but our company firewall won't let me go to the site because it is a gambling website so I will use WFAA as the source) broke down four categories of the nutritional values of a burger chain's hamburger; sugar, fat, sodium, calories. Then they used something I had never heard of called the percentrank function to get a score. The closer to 10 the burger scored the better.

How Whataburger Scored

The Whataburger with cheese came in with 12 grams of sugar, 32 grams of fat, 1651 milligrams of sodium and 680 calories. Putting these measurements into that percentrank function gave Whataburger an overall score of 8.4 which put them as the number one healthiest burger of any burger chain.

  1. Whataburger - 8.4
  2. In-N-Out Burger - 8.2
  3. Checker's / Rally's - 6.3
  4. Culvers - 5.7
  5. Del Taco - 5.5
  6. Dairy Queen - 5.2
  7. Carl's Jr. / Hardee's - 5.0
  8. McDonald's - 5.0
  9. Five Guys - 4.8
  10. Wendy's - 4.6

Enjoy Your Whataburger

Now look, healthy is being used loosely here. The burger isn't really healthy, just less bad compared to the other burgers out there. But I guess it can be a nice claim to fame for Whataburger to say they have the healthiest burger. Now go and enjoy a number one with cheese with a medium fry and Dr Pepper to celebrate.

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