Bist du hungrig?

That's "are you hungry?" Ah, but in German--a language I've been enjoying studying, by the way. But, I digress. :)

There's something uniquely fun about the idea of the upcoming "Oktoberfest" event coming to Fresh by Brookshire's. However, it's scheduled for next week, September 9 thru 14. It's described by Fresh as "a celebration of the Oktoberfest tradition" and an opportunity to "experience the rich culture of German food, music, and 'bier.'" Um, that would be "beer" in German.

We don't get much German culture in East Texas, so it's a wilkommen change--especially for me as I have a good bit of German in my background. Now, I can't promise there will be polka dancing with men in lederhosen, but it sounds like a great time!

Each night of the 'Oktoberfest' features a different focus, including different evenings focusing on an assortment of seasonal German bier varieties, "flammkuchen," a unique type of German pizza, brews and brats, and even live German music on several of the evenings.

You may even have the chance to meet visiting German chef Andreas Stasch! Ready for more details? Get them here. Hope to see you there--cuz I definitely will be. And look--you've already learned a few German words.

Prost! (Er, that would be "cheers" in German.)

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