In my personal opinion, thieves in Texas are lowest of the low. These people believe that for whatever reason it is perfectly okay for them to come in and take whatever is not theirs. Doesn't matter the excuse or the reason, stealing is wrong. It is not right to take from a store without paying for it or from someone who has used their hard earned money to purchase an item. It's wrong. Period. Yes, theft is a problem everywhere. But lately, Kilgore has been having a serious problem with theft.

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Problem of Theft in Kilgore

Over the last five to six months, we've seen numerous stories of theft and fraud being carried out in Kilgore. These incidents have taken place at stores like Dollar Tree, Walmart, Atwoods, Super Food Mart and many other places. It's not listed what items were taken or how much money was stolen but that really doesn't matter because all of these people have broken one of the 10 Commandments.

Latest Theft in Kilgore

The latest instance of theft in Kilgore happened on December 5 at the Dollar General on Stone Road. Kilgore Police posted the details of the theft on their Facebook page. A woman is captured on security footage that is suspected to have walked in and taken some items then walking out. The suspect is believed to have left the premises in a white Subaru SUV.

Contact to Report Any Information

If you have any details in this addition to the long line of recent thefts in Kilgore, contact Detective Kaci Holland at 903-218-6906 or

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