Have you seen this woman? She was featured on the Tyler, Texas Police Department's Facebook page for their 'Find 'em Friday' series.

I'm not sure how many times I've uttered something along these same lines but, here we go again...

When people are out and about, doing their shopping, hanging out in public places, or WHATEVER, tell me this: Do people forget that we are living in 2022 and that, in addition to any surveillance cameras that may be hidden around here and there, that almost every single human being has a phone?

Apparently, they do, because people continue to do things like snatch Amazon packages from people's front porches, fling eggs at cars, break into places where they have no authority to be, and stuff like what this East Texas woman did.

The Tyler, Texas Police are asking for our help in identifying a woman who allegedly stole from the Home Depot in Tyler.

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So what exactly was she hoping to get a really, really, REALLY great deal on? Was it something that she or her family HAD to have?

Actually no. According to the Tyler PD Facebook page, she reportedly thieved more $500 worth of stuff from Home Depot in Tyler. Some of the things she stole were a flag (very patriotic of her), a clock, other home decor items, and perhaps one of the most stunningly ironic things ever: a VIDEO DOORBELL. 

Ya know. For added security. ;)

If you are able to ID this lady, the Tyler PD asks that you please contact Detective Dickerson at 903-533-2088 or call Tyler-Smith County Crime Stoppers at 903-597-2833.

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