By now you may know I'm an enormous advocate for green, leafy vegetables. No, I don't think they will cure every single disease single-handedly, but we know for sure they give your body fiber, nutrients, and minerals that will strengthen your immune system which may help you ward off some of the those diseases. Learn more here. I also know that greens, along with legumes, fruit, and whole grains, have personally helped me change my life significantly for the better--emotionally and physically.

There was research that came out as recently as 2015 that shows us that eating your greens can give you the mental processing ability of someone eleven years younger. The participants ate a minimum of one cup of greens--such as spinach or kale--at least once a day, and were monitored over the course of five years. That's significant.

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Incorporating greens into your diet doesn't have to be an unpleasant thing. I am one of those lucky people that's never disliked vegetables. At this point, I can even start to have vegetable cravings. (Seriously, this is a thing that can happen.) However if you're new to the process or feel your gag-reflex kick in when you try and eat spinach raw, no worries.

Easy tips: Just try throwing a handful or two into whatever stir fry your cooking up, fling them into your eggs in the morning (wait til they're almost cooked,) or make a berry smoothie and toss them in, too. Don't be afraid to be generous either. I swear it seems like a cup of spinach can diminish to microscopic amounts when cooked.

Want some more ideas? The Crunchy Radish has some good ones.

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