We all have that dream of becoming an instant millionaire. And yes, some of those dreams can turn into nightmares. But that's not what this is about. Many in Tyler, Longview or Jacksonville, Texas will set aside some cash and purchase some lines for Saturday night's Powerball drawing. As of this writing (Thursday, September 28), the jackpot sits at $925 million dollars. It could easily reach $1 billion by Saturday. So what would you do if you took home Saturday's huge jackpot? Here are my plans.

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Buy An Island

Buying an island has always been a dream of mine. I mean think about it, you'd have your own personal beach, own personal waterfront, you wouldn't have to worry about annoying neighbors, you could build a drawbridge to the mainland, dude, it would be so cool. I would build a nice house on it with room for my closest friends to always have a place to stay to chill or party. There'd be a room just for me, just for my girlfriend and just for her daughter along with plenty of communal space for dinners together and a night watching movies.

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Get My Dream Car

I've always been a fan of fast cars. But my dream car is not what you would think. My first car was a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle that was rebuilt by my uncle. I loved that car. Unfortunately, it was in a wreck and I didn't have the funds to repair it. I did keep a hubcap, the key and the bug inspired floor mats. I still have them, too.

My dream would be to find a 1979 model, the last official year Volkswagen sold them. Nothing like having a 1.6 liter, 60 horsepower, 4 speed, rear wheel drive piece of nostalgia to keep a smile on my face.

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There are a few places around the country and the world I would want to visit. In the US, I would visit the usual tourist attractions. But I also would want to visit Australia, Europe and Madagascar. I've always had a weird fascination with that African island.

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Set Aside Money for My Friends, Family or Charity

This is always one of the dangerous portions of winning the lottery. I'm no financial expert but I'm guessing that some kind of trust can be set up that I could give access to who I see fit. I really don't know how all that works. Advice I've read is to find a specialized lawyer and financial expert that can handle those affairs. That would be the first thing I would do anyway.

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I Would Not Quit Working

Sounds nuts, right? I'm not saying I wouldn't take a leave of some kind but I would not feel useful if I didn't work. Most likely, I would buy my own radio station.

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Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media

We All Can Dream

All this is wishful thinking, of course. But if we didn't have dreams, we wouldn't have anything to work for. Here's some luck for you, and me, as we purchase our tickets for Saturday night's Powerball drawing.

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