I love a good road trip, especially going to the Texas Hill Country. It's true, spring time is the most popular time to visit the Texas Hill Country, because the wildflowers are STUNNING. However, I find it to be a nice escape and respite any time of the year. There's so many beautiful places to visit in this area--one of the popular places being Fredericksburg.

I love this city. I love the scenery, the charming B&B's, the dining, and the outdoor activities all within a fairly close distance. I also love the combination of cultural influences in the Hill Country, from German to Hispanic and beyond. It's reflected in the architecture, the food--the vibe.

You can do your share of hiking and outdoor activities, dining, and shopping. Plus the National Museum of the Pacific War (WW2) is there and it's incredible. Highly recommend.

You can also spend a good amount of time just chilling and playing outside like a little kid, which is good for the soul.

So are road trips. I sincerely believe that. Even if you just take a mini "road trip" and enjoy some down time here in beautiful East Texas. As much as I love it down there, I was glad to come home.

I thought I'd share a bit of my adventure with you via photo gallery in case you're looking for a few ideas: 

A Photo Journey Thru Fredericksburg, Texas Hill Country

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