Tyler Childers is exactly what country music the world needs. In May of 2019, the Kentucky native announced a deal that will launch his career into overdrive, when he signed to RCA Records, a division of Sony.

I hope that people in the area that I grew up in find something they can relate to. I hope that I’m doing my people justice and I hope that maybe someone from somewhere else can get a glimpse of the life of a Kentucky boy.”

Later that year, "All Your'n" was nominated for Best Country Solo Performance at the Grammys, and was the theme song for the SEC College Football Conference “We Love It Here” campaign. Oh, and Country Squire was arguably the best album of 2019.

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Tyler will look back on 2019 fondly. The Kentucky native signed that major-label record deal, scored a No. 1 album, and got that Grammy nomination. It surely softened the blow that 2020 was to him, and, really, all of us. The wonderfully trippy music video for "All Your'n" is this week RTX Sunday Video.


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