It was almost four years ago when Kimberly Flint vanished in Rusk County.

The last time Ms. Flint was seen was at her home in Laneville back in September of 2018. The Rusk County Sheriff's Office reported it a little bit after 3 p.m in the afternoon when her son and husband spoke with her on the phone for the last time. They contacted authorities later that evening and reported she was missing.

Her vehicle was found later, having crashed into the Angelina River Bridge. However, Ms. Flint was nowhere to be found.

CBS 19 reports that officials told them "the investigation from the scene indicated Flint was traveling at 83 miles per hour when she crashed, according to the sheriff's office. After the car hit the side of the bridge, it didn't stop. Due to the collision not being head-on, the car traveled another 300 yards until the front right tire folded up."

Screenshot from CBS19 YouTube Video
Screenshot from CBS19 YouTube Video
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You can see a news report that explains more of the backstory and an update as of March 2019 below.

Despite search efforts, there was no sign of Ms. Flint. That is, until January 20 when the Rusk County Sherriff's Office, "along with Texas Rangers and a forensic anthropologist from the University of North Texas, responded to a wooded area on property located near Richey Lane, in the Reklaw Community. Investigators with the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office obtained a search warrant after confirming information that human remains had possibly been discovered in that area."

Found human remains confirmed as those belonging to the missing Rusk County woman.

Photo: Rusk County Sheriff's Office
Photo: Rusk County Sheriff's Office

Human remains were indeed found. They were sent to the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification where, as of January 27, they've been confirmed as those belonging to the missing woman.

The family has been notified. More forensic investigation is ongoing.

MISSING: The search for Rusk Co. woman continues - YouTube

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