Sheryl Crow is now Big D and Bubba's movie critic. That's how the talk started. They discussed how great The Sound of Music is, how Bubba cried a few times during Up and how Toy Story 3 made Sheryl Crow mad. I don't blame her, Disney almost killed toys in a furnace. I think we all would enjoy a weekly segment with Sheryl Crow discussing movies with Big D and Bubba.

The talk turned to Sheryl Crow's new song, "Redemption Day". This song is actually an "old" song. She visited Rwanda in the mid 90's during that horrible genocide. This really impacted Sheryl. As songwriters do, she sat down to write a song about the emotions that came to her during this visit.

Johnny Cash got ahold of the song and wanted to record it. Obviously, Sheryl said yes. This leads to her new album coming out later this year called Threads. It will feature duets with Chris Stapleton, Maren Morris, Mic Jagger and many more. One of those duets will be with Johnny Cash for "Redemption Day".

Sheryl got permission from the Cash family to use his vocals to create this duet. Listen to it below.

A song written in the 90's defiantly has some stuff for us to think about in 2019.

No release date has been set for Threads, just that it will be out around the end of Summer.

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