A while back in June, I took a look at the teeniest cities in Texas here. I was getting antsy and needed to take a break from being cooped up because of The Rona. I was amped for a road trip.

What I failed to do was take a good look at the smallest towns by population.

Small towns deserve to get a shout out every now and then, hello, Texas! I will happily oblige in the accolades. Who knows, you might even get a hair up your [keester] and decide to take a road trip.

Mark it off each visit of these towns on your bucket list and visit the smallest little big places in Texas, rich in history and wonder. After all, everything we do here, we do it BIG, even if it's a bit on the small side.

Smallest Towns In Texas 2020

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    Los Ybanez, TX

    The population of Los Ybanez City is a whole whopping 19 people. These 19 folks no doubt had a blast watching all the "city slickers" line up at the Ybanez Liquor Store (1990 County Rd M) to stock up on alcoholic goodies outside of the dry county of Dawson. The mailing address says Lamesa, but we all know it resides in Los Yabanez. Heads up, the liquor store is closed on Sundays!

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    Population 21. It used to be the smallest town in Texas back in 2010 but has since grown too big for its britches. The reason I like Mustang is because it was created back in '73 so that people could grab some "adult beverages" outside of the dry county of Navarro County. I am seeing a theme here!

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    Corral City, TX

    Corral City town has a population of 27 Texans living right outside Draper. What started as a surefire way to be a loophole for Denton County's dry county laws of the 1970s, over time the city has been decimated to the nickname of "graveyard of rotting doublewides."

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    Impact, TX

    Impact Town has 35 people in it. and was developed as a city because of, you guessed it, dry county laws (Taylor County). There's not much left of Impact now but whispers of the ghosts of moonshine bootleggers from the 1960s. You can find it right outside of Abilene in the "suburbs".

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    Quintana, TX

    56 proud Texans live in Quintana Town. This beautiful port city in the Texas gulf was decimated back in the early 1900s because of a horrific hurricane. Its proximity to annual hurricanes has kept the population low. If you want to live here, home buyer beware. There's a gorgeous beach in town where you can relax your cares away (but not during hurricane season)!